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County Records on Microfilm

The Missouri State Archives holds over 55,000 reels of film (deeds, marriages, circuit court and probate court materials) as well as census film and some state agency publications on microfilm. A roll-by-roll listing of this film allows patrons to place orders for copies of the microfilm. County microfilm is constantly being added to the Archives' holdings.

Please contact the Archives if you do not see what you are looking for at (573) 751-3280 or

Cass County Cemetery Records

Cemetery records are of great importance to the genealogist. Fortunately in 2003, Cass County researchers Brenda Marble and Debbi Lehr finished their four-year task of walking every cemetery, reading every available newspaper and publishing their findings in a ten-volume set. The Cass County Public Library Genealogy Branch was gifted a hardcopy set of these wonderful books. In addition to the information found on the tombstones, information such as relationships, marriage dates and places is included
The Master Index to Cass County Cemetery Records is available by clicking on the link below: The information available here is: Surname, First/Middle/Maiden, Year of Birth, Year of Death, Cemetery of burial and Volume number of book or CD.
After you find the person in the Master Index you will want to visit Cass County Public Library Genealogy Branch to see the full record, or purchase your own set of records on CD from Cass County Historical Society Mercantile Store at the link below:

Land Records in Cass County

Land Patents 1831-1969
Placing an individual in a specific location during a specific time period is what the successful genealogist must do. Land records are a primary source.
Over 6.5 million acres of federal land in Missouri was donated to the State of Missouri from the Federal Government by various Acts of Congress during the nineteenth century. This land became known as Public Domain Land. The Public Domain land was then sold, by the state to individuals and the profits used for designated projects such as schools, paying teachers, making roads and other . The State of Missouri at the time of sale issued land patents to the indivuals which verified title and ownership to the parcels of land sold to the individual.  These Land patents list the name of the purchaser, the purchase date and patent date, the legal description of the land including township, range, section, the name of the county and the number of acres. The Missouri State Archives has an ongoing project to transcribe information from these land patents and create a database with the following information: name of purchaser, county, date of purchase date , legal land description, and microfilm location for copy of full entry (reel number, volume and page number).To search the alphabetical list of  411 Cass County land Patents click here.
The Bureau of Land Management , General Land Office Records are the records of the “Initial Transfer” of land titles from the Federal government to individuals.
Public Land states created out of the public domain are the lands now in the States of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The Secretary of the Interior through the Bureau of Land Management or BLM administers those lands within the several states. Land patents document the transfer of land ownership from the federal government to individuals. Land patent records generally include the information recorded when ownership was transferred. To do a land patent search for Missouri click here.

Births and Deaths

Abstracts of Missouri births, stillbirths and death records before 1909 have been put into a database by Missouri State Archives
There are 2545 records of births and stillbirths for Cass County, to see the alphabetical listing click here.
There are 748 abstracts of Cass County Death Records, click here for an alphabetical listing.

Very valuable information can be found on Death Certificates and now you can get a free copy of  your family death certificates just by clicking on the link below. The Death Certificate Database, contains Missouri death records created after 1910 and over 50 years old, the database is complete through 1963. A searchable index  links to a digitized image of the original death certificate.For an alphabetical listing of Cass County the 10758  death certificates images click here.
For application forms for certified copies of Vital Records or Death Certificates when the death occurred after 1963 click on this link.

Marriage and Divorce Records Request Forms

Certified Copies of Missouri Marriage and Divorce Records
Available for July 1, 1948 to present, records prior to this date are in the county.
For marriage license before July 1, 1948, contact the Recorder of Deeds in the county where the license was issued. For divorce decree of marriage before July 1, 1948, contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the county where the decree was granted. For Cass County Circuit Clerks Office, Divorce Records information click here.
For information on Cass County Marriage Records at the Cass County Recorder’s Office click here.